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Name: Terry Gagraj
Nationality: Guyanese

 Like Rikki Jai and Drupatee, Terry Gajraj needs no introduction. Terry, the son of a school teacher, was born in Fyrish Village, Corentyne, Berbice, Guyana, and became a teacher himself at a Comprehensive High School in Guyana but gave up all of that to become one of the Caribbean's superstars.

His musical creer began at the age of five when he was taken under the wings of his uncle, Butch Ramdeo of the Dil Bahar Orchestra and learned to play the harmonium and drums, and also began singing at Mandirs, weddings, fairs and dances. As a youngster, Terry was associated with Star Rhythm Combo in West Coast, Berbice and the Original Pioneers and Melody Makers of Georgetown.

He left Guyana in 1989 and headed for New York where he met some very enterprising promoters and producers and started up two bands. in 1991 he went solo and produced his first L.P called Soca Lambada and Caribana '92. His first significant hit, "Tun Tun Dance", inspired by the Indian movie comedy duo of Tun Tun and Keshto Mukerjhee, was not only written by Terry but he played all the backing music (guitar, keyboard, drums and bass) for this record.

Tun Tun was followed by Terry's biggest hits, "Guyana Baboo" and "Guyanese Ting". In 1994 he appeared on the Trinidad Spektakula Show which featured the cream of Reggae, Soca, Calypso and Chutney singers of the world, and also performed on Trinidad and Tobago television.

In 1995 he became the first Guyanese artiste to represent Guyana at the carnival celebratiosn in Trinidad appearing alongside the Mighty Sparrow. Terry now lives in Connecticut, USA from where he has travelled and performed all over the States, Canada, the Caribbean, South America, Holland and the U.K.
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