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Name: DJ Prakz
Alias: Prakz
Nationality: Guyanese


A young and talented artist is creating rhythmical tsunamis in the dancehall reggae music industry. Bridging gaps and breaking new grounds, he brings a new fusion of music to hungry audiences around the world. Sankar Singh, popularly known as Prakz entertains and thrills crowds in the United States, London, Holland, Suriname, Guyana and Canada.

Growing up in Guyana and facing many obstacles, Prakz and his family were forced to migrate to the United States with hopes of attaining a better life. Growing up in a Guyanese home, Prakz was introduced to various genres of music including Reggae. He discovered his desire to create music after listening to artist such as Supa Cat, Beenie Man, Bob Marley and Shabba Ranks.

Working full time and attending college, Prakz never gave up his love for Reggae music. He worked, studied and created music. He was able to release his first album at the age of 20, titled Chapter One, which contained a hit single that topped the charts in the United States, Canada, Guyana and Holland for months. Prakz is not only musically talented; he earned a Bachelor Degree in Accounting and works as an Accountant at a major firm.

Prakz attributes his musical success to his parents for always providing encouragement. His versatility in music is displayed in his first album. He was able to fuse chutney with Reggae and created a new and fresh mix. Prakz is a house hold name in the Indo West Indian community. He released several music videos which were showcased on various television channels.
He is a simple individual that expresses his views through reggae music. His love and positive energy can be felt in his lyrics. Prakz grew up in a politically unstable environment, so he uses music to highlight all the negative actions of tyrannical political governments. With all said and done, prakz can only rise with the love and support from his fans since day one and continue to grow stardom.

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