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Name: Neeshan Prabhoo
Alias: D'Hitman
Nationality: Trinidadian

Neeshan Prabhoo began singing film songs at around 16yrs as a hobby, until he tried his talent in chutney, producing his first and very successful hit "Don't Hold Me Back" this mega hit came out in 1997 which lead to the artiste touring the Caribbean and the rest of the world where chutney soca is enjoyed, he did a few more songs after, which enjoyed a fair response, he then took a break from singing to concentrate on his personal life.

In October 2003 he did an album entitled "Another Hit by the Hitman" this album was released around May of 2004, on this album one can find the biggest Chutney Soca tune of 2005 carnival, More Rum for Me better know as listen Mr. Chankar. The song can also be found on a CD entitled Trini Bashment.

Starting as early as July since the album was released Neeshan started touring once again his first overseas trip being to Guyana. To date this song is currently being played on all the major radio stations both Indo and Afro along with the video which is currently being played on synergy TV both under the Soca listing and Chutney. More Rum for Me is not only dominating all the house parties, clubs and shows here in Trinidad, but is a major hit in the entire Caribbean and The world.

Neeshan has performed so far this year in the USA, Canada, Guyana, Suriname, St Lucia, Barbados, and right here in Trinidad. Pass by any bar on any given day and you are bound to hear "More Rum for Me" being blasted. The song is loved by the young and old of every race and religion. More Rum for me is a mega hit which can also be found on the internet both audio and video. The song is currently the biggest cross over Hit for 2005 and still getting bigger.

His most recent achievement is the Best Soca Chutney Song of the year award at the International Soca awards held on Oct 1st 2005 at Queens Hall. His next album will be out in stores by the end of October. On this album you can expect a variety of songs including a Parang song, a reggae song, together with Chutney and Soca Chutney.

For carnival 2006 Neeshan D Hitman has once again done it with his now very popular tune Firewater original name Rum Meh Brother Say. A video of this very popular song was shot during a visit to Guyana To date this tune is number One several radio stations that play chutney music.

2006 has seen the Hitman continuing his packed schedule with tours to almost every country that enjoys the chutney genre of music his most recent being to Los Angeles

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