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Name: Ravi Sookhoo
Nationality: Trinidadian


Born and bred in Toronto, Canada, to Trinidadian parents, the name Ravi Sookhoo was always associated with a person who was a serious, gifted and dedicated Indo Caribbean musician on the Toronto music scene. Rav (or Ravi) grew up in Toronto listening to Indian music and of course chutney and soca music with a passion like no other individual had.

At a young age, Rav had the opportunity to go to India and study music on various occasions, as well as having his own home studio and band “Nirvaan”. Nirvaan was the first band in Toronto to achieve the kind of success that it did and was very popular in its day. Nirvaan won competitions against other leading Caribbean bands for the Caribana season, and produced hit albums on a regular basis.

In addition to the Soca and Chutney music Rav was known for loving, due to his musical studies in India, he was also a known accomplished Indian classical musician as well. He backed up popular Indian singers from Sudhir Narain to Hari Om Sharan on numerous occasions, and produced music for almost every Indian singer and pundit in Toronto. How ever, Rav’s real musical climax started about 2 1/2 years ago, when he moved to Trinidad.

Despite his friend’s and family’s disapproval of moving back to the country where every one seemed to wanted to leave at that point, he made his bold move and went back to Trinidad, all for the love of his culture and music. In addition to holding down an IT Management position during the day and completing his degree in the evening, Rav made time and started working for the popular chutney capital “FM Studio’s” operated by Fareed Mohammed, as a music producer/arranger. Producing hit music for all the big names such as Heeralal Rampartap, Molly Ramcharan, Drupatee, Rooplal G, Videsh Sookoo and Anil Bheem, Ravi quickly became and currently is one of the most sought after musicians in Trinidad and Tobago. He produces hits on a regular basis now for many top individual artists as well as for the members of the band that he now belongs to.He’s the keyboardist for the popular band, the BMRZ led by Anil Bheem. Previous to the BMRZ, he had stints and worked with almost every popular Indian band in Trinidad from the Spreadpal Crew to the T&Tec Gayatones.

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