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Guyanese and Trinidadian Video Artists


Gayelle at
Name: Gayelle
Nationality: Trinidadian


Gayelle The Channel came on air as a community television station on 16th February, 2004. Gayelle's reach now covers all of the Island of Trinidad free-to-air, and on FLOW Cable channel 07 to over ...[Read More]

Mahadeo Shivraj

Mahadeo Shivraj at
Name: Mahadeo Shivraj
Nationality: Guyanese

MAHADEO SHIVRAJ, active in theatre for the past 20 years (as an actor, stage manager, set designer, producer, and director), debuted at the Naional Cultural Centre in Guyana and has since acted in alm...[Read More]

Aaron Ishmael

Aaron Ishmael at
Name: Aaron Ishmael
Nationality: Guyanese

Probably since Elementary School - writing far-fetched stories and/or acting up in class - I always felt the entertainment world knocking on my door. Only recently have I been bold enough to squint th...[Read More]

Richard Migdalski

Richard Migdalski at
Name: Richard Migdalski
Ever since I was a little boi growin up in Debe, meh fadda used to tell me, "boi, listen nah, wan day abie gah mek yuh join ah Productions group an mek yuh code ...[Read More]

Ajay Singh

Ajay Singh at
Name: Ajay Singh
Alias: Ajay
Nationality: Guyanese

I really can't think of anything to write about myself, for I still don't know who this "Ajay" is. I've searched as high as the tallest coconut tree and as low as ...[Read More]

Christopher Persaud

Christopher Persaud at
Name: Christopher Persaud
Alias: Christ Hansingh
Nationality: Guyanese

Ever since I can remember, I have been a fan of comedy; therefore it was only natural for my crazy friends and myself to take a chance on this great project. This w...[Read More]

Darryl Roopnarine

Darryl Roopnarine at
Name: Darryl Roopnarine
Alias: Panic
Nationality: Trinidadian

Darryl Roopnarine has always been an idiot, I strive to do the best I can to be the biggest asshole there is, and many times in the past I have been successful at j...[Read More]

Frankie Sooknanan

Frankie Sooknanan at
Name: Frankie Sooknanan
Alias: Sundar
Nationality: Guyanese

After successfully writing and directing three feature films and working four years in community theater as an actor, writer, and producer, I decided to put all that aside and focus more on comedy. I ...[Read More]
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